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The World’s #1 No-BS Formula For Stuck Entrepreneurs Be Able To Solve ANY Problem Stopping Them From Their Vision...
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(Skeptical? Good. Just Wait.)
The Billionaire’s Secret To SOLVING The unsolvable


Founder of OnePercenter
Creator of the #OnePercenterWay
Creator of The Daily Entrepreneur Fuel

Dear Driven Entrepreneur,

Welcome to the 1%, an Elite Tribe of Entrepreneurs from across the globe all joined in realizing what most can only imagine:

Making Their Dreams, Become A Reality.

If this is your first time here, you may be wondering

"What is this all about?"


"Why should I care?"

Am I right?
Let Me Show You Why 1000's of Entrepreneurs 
Are Currently Abandoning "Old Strategies" For A Ritual So Powerful Every Entrepreneur Who Uses It Experiences A Dramatic
Psychological Shift On How Their Entire Mind Functions (NO BS) 
But first, let me share with you a quick story that may help you understand why I'm someone worth listening to, and more importantly, how YOU WILL use this to sequentially level-up your business and life, fast.

In March 2017, I sat in a depth of deep depression, as I watched everything I’ve ever worked for crumble around me.

Prior to that, I was grinding away at a vision of entrepreneurial greatness, with high hopes of my life “when I figure it out”.

You see, all I wanted was to generate financial freedom for myself, without relying on anyone else...

Figuratively, All my life I was constantly running away from this internal beast…

...A beast whose only purpose was to remind me of my shortcomings, flaws and reasons why I would never make it, as I watched my failures increase, and my debt raise through the roof...

What’s even worse, this is a beast that has followed me my entire LIFE.

In school, my friends were in the “smart groups” as a brutal reminder of what I was not. 

In sports, no one was more driven than I was, but the beast always put me in my place as my teammates passed me up, got all the awards, while I was left sad and confused on what I did wrong...

But on the outside?

All anyone saw were the lies I would feed them...
  •   “My new business is killing it!”
  •   “Yeah, finally hit my first $50k month!”
  •   “This next funnel though, it’s gonna make $1million”
  •   “Yeah I’ll probably buy a new house soon with this cash”
  •   “...Life couldn’t be better…”
Yet what no one knew, was behind the smokescreen, I was living in a hellish pit 10x worse than what they were.

With the pressures of me trying to live up to the expectations and lies I’ve told - I sold some people on the idea of letting me take over their marketing for their entire company...

And the build up of pressure and lies led me to destroying this company’s online presence AND it put many families at risk...

Yes, you read right... My Selfish Game Put FAMILIES At Risk.

Filled with the guilt and the shame of my dream being burned to the ground, I was a truly lost Entrepreneur.

Constantly asking myself 

"Did I Completely Screw Up? Am I Even Meant For This Path, Or Should I Have Just Gone The Normal Route?"

I faced the brutal truth of naturally being a Starving Entrepreneur who lacked the core fundamental skill that all Successful Entrepreneurs possess...

Yet I remember the day when everything changed for me...

Sitting in my room on the phone with a mentor I had at the time
  •  Having just watched the business I wrecked go through a complete crisis...
  •  Letting go of the 2 employees I had at the time...
  •  Barely having enough cash for this months rent, much less next months...
  •  Holding secrets inside I was too scared to admit to anyone
I searched for some magical revelation from my mentor, hoping he could save me from my biggest enemy... myself.

While he talked, I remember blankly staring at my walls I soon couldn’t afford, red eyes from barely any sleep and a mind spinning from stress... 

...His reply, almost feeling like a slap across my face:
“Man, You Just Suck At Solving Problems.”
"Suck at solving problems?", I asked myself. 

Looking into the tired eyes of a man I no longer knew, shocked by how quickly things shattered to pieces...

...As I pondered what he said, I knew that he was 100% spot on, and this was the exact reason my life was in shambles.

Caught up in secrets, lies, posturing, pride and felt myself in the loneliest depths of torture could think of.

I was a just another "Wantrepreneur" statistic, who tried - and failed.

And this single sentence, delivered almost as a whisper into my mind, spoke to my soul...
“I Knew the Only Way Out, Was To Master The Ability To Solve Any Problem.”
It wasn’t my parents fault, the economies fault, the advertising platforms fault... It was mine. 

And at that moment, I decided never to be this tangled up Starving Entrepreneur ever again...

It was at this moment in 2017, I would figure out how to RISE ABOVE.

I swore to myself I would FIND the way. 

What I didn't expect was the result of this journey I set out on....


I set out to rewire MYSELF... not even giving an ounce of thought to helping other Entrepreneurs, let alone creating something Entrepreneurs could follow and use.


Now 2 years later, as a result of that single impactful moment...
...A Rewiring System Has Quickly Grown Into a MOVEMENT Helping Entrepreneurs All Over the World Make Their Dreams, Become A Reality!
“Fellow 1%er, Have You Ever Felt That Mental Itch?”
The one in the back of your mind that constantly whispers

“You Can DO More...”

“You Can BE More...”

And yet no matter how much you ACHIEVE, there's a nagging state of...

“There Must Be Something I'm Missing...”

Or better yet...

Have you ever heard people preach:
Yet you're left with an internal frustration as to WHAT this actually means?

Yet What Do Most People Automatically Assume?
In fact, the entire world defines someone’s future success based on how much “sweat equity” they put in!

Yet, you and I both know... this is Complete BS.

A burned out entrepreneur and the never ending loop of “working harder” doesn't ever ease the mind from that never-ending question of "What Am I Missing?", or even worse... "Am I Even Capable?"
Here's The Problem:
Most Entrepreneurs are not able to find the answers to their problems, leaving them with:
  •  Driven, yet broke.
  •  Focused, yet completely drained of energy.
  •  A Philanthropist Mind Or Impact Driven Mission, With No Momentum Or Results.
  •  Amazing opportunities, yet is ridden by fear and has no courage to take advantage of them. 
  •  Rich & Focused, yet completely miserable and joyless with their life.
Can you relate to any of this?

As they float along life in a constant state of fear and uncertainty.

...leads to BURNOUT!


...leads to DESTRUCTION!
And you go about life in this insane loop of spinning your wheels and working hard, just to keep things “possible”.

All while feeling that gaping hole of constantly being way behind, playing catch-up.

By behind, I mean without without ever the ability to truly get ahead and get life changing results. 
Grind At Solving Problems. This Creates Endless Progress.
Elite Results To Fulfill The Vision You’ve Always Sensed Was There, Yet Never Had Even a Clue As To How You'd Sustainably Pull It Off. 
You've experienced this....

Yet you've questioned why, no matter how much you grind, you're left in a state of no momentum. 

The Problem?

98% of Entrepreneurs go to their graves EVER fulfilling on their vision or purpose...

And the Even Bigger Problem?

It wasn't their fault to begin with. 

These Entrepreneurs were deceived. 

These Entrepreneurs were tricked.

You... my friend... have been tricked.

Tricked into believing this game was all about following the accepted tactics that were supposed to deliver your Vision.

Being an overworked horse, figuring out the game and defaulting to this one question:
“Could There Be a Better Way?”
And this way became today what is known as the "Killer Instinct."



Any smart person would be skeptical about such a claim.

But stay with me, and suspend your disbelief for just a moment longer while I show you show how this process works under the hood...
(...AND, The Death & Rebirth of the Starving Entrepreneur As We Know It...)
(Noun): The Ability To Find The Solution To Any Problem Or Obstacle In Your Way..."
As I modeled and analyzed the most successful achievers in history, I started to see patterns and formulas in the way these people achieved the impossible.

They all seemed to be be able to solve problems an unhuman level...

But the problem was this...

No One Knew How You Could Obtain This, 
IF You Weren’t BORN With It...
  •   Steve Jobs Ability To Solve Problems That Created World Changing Innovation...
  •  The Born Leadership & Fearlessness, Like Alexander The Great, Maximus Aurelius, Mahatma Gandhi, who solved problems to take down nations...
  •  Amilia Earhart's ability to take the problem of sexism and make herself one of the greatest women ever...
  •  And many many more that naturally had all the above traits into 1 singular person…
 But the 1 silver lining was that NOTHING stopped them, and they got MASSIVE Results.
And no one knew the methodology to developing ALL this into someone who didn’t naturally have it.

No one had the answer, not even the "so-called" experts, for how to bring effectively develop the Killer Instinct into 1 person who didn’t have it before...

Yet I found that when I figured out how to unlock this dormant ability inside of my mind, the speed at which I produced results Accelerated!
In Days I Produced What I Could In Weeks...

In Weeks I Produced What I Could In Months...

In Months I Produced What I Could In Years...
And In Years I Produced What I Could In DECADES...
Accomplishing more in every area of life in a weeks or months-time than what took me previously years.

You see, my discovery was not only that "having it all" was possible, but this Killer Instinct Actually Collapsed Time... 
  •   Producing in 7 days what I typically did in 30 days...
  •  Creating 6 months of results in 60 days.
  •  And even pulling off 10 years of business acceleration within 3 or less...
I'm not messing with you as you read this...

You see, I found that the equation to rewiring the Killer Instinct came down to a 3 sided never ending war your brain was having battling between your REPTILIAN, MAMMALIAN, AND HUMAN Brain...
And By Perfectly Aligning These 3 Brains... the CODE to the Killer Instinct Was Cracked, Right Before My Eyes, In A Sequential, Practical Methodology Anyone Could Use, Starting TODAY!... Including YOU
We Each Have 3 Brains Inside 
Developed Inside Of Us:
1. The Reptilian Brain is built to survive, replenish, stay safe, and stay COMFORTABLE… and stores fear, stress, and anxiety...
2. The Mammalian Brain is built to thrive, gain, succeed, and connect, and stores your emotions like love, sadness, anger, inspiration, and every other one...
3. The Human Brain is built to rationalize and think, and while the other two brains are at war for control over you, the human brain picks which one is more convincing…
And the sad part is, your reptile brain almost always wins, because it’s more ingrained. 
Which is WHY:
  •  It’s hard to eat healthy (Reptile brain wants to eat what tastes good)
  •  You have fear (Reptile brain wants you to stay safe from the ambition mammalian brain)
  •  You do things you know you probably shouldn’t… 
  •  etc.
And the reason WHY you are barely able to tap into your most optimal states, which is the state of maximum:

•Joy because these 3 brained conflicts prevent you from tapping into the most powerful force known to man: The Killer Instinct, which you only get when the 3 brains are perfectly aligned with each other.
WARNING: This Is A BETA Group, And Space Is Limited To 500 People. 


"Man I always thought that having online success was something that would be impossible for me, especially with all the "guru's" that just want a check... 

Mason was different in a sense that he cared for my success, and helped me through it all. 

There's not a better system on the planet, and if you follow it, your wallet WILL get fatter..."
“Are You Tired of Trying To Change Your Life Through Your Business, Yet Always Feeling The Sense of 'Constraint' No Matter How Much You Learn And Do?
We call it the "Modern Day Entrepreneurs Dilemma"...

Where no matter how much you learn or do, you are constantly in a state of "not good enough" and constraint.
  •  Not enough cash...
  •  Not enough time...
  •  Not enough creativity...
  •  Not enough energy...
  •  Not Enough Influence...
  •  Not Enough Change...
  •  Not enough RESULTS...
  •  Seeing No Light At The End Of The Tunnel...
  •  Being STUCK In This State Of Constraint With NO Forward Progress...
Do You Lack The Ability To Take What You Know, And Turn It Into MASSIVE Results?
You may be facing this dilemma, UNKNOWINGLY, if any of this sounds like you:
  •  Thousands of dollars spent on courses... because you buy into the next thing, thinking that "THIS IS WHAT I'M MISSING" and then you try to apply what you learn just to see nothing happen...
  •  Hours blown in a constant learning Cul-De-Sac... because what you're doing is NOT working, so you desperately search for some tactic to save you...
  •  You work your butt off on a sales funnel, and make next to NOTHING... because these funnels are the VEHICLE to make your vision become a reality, but you end up frustrated by the lack of actual cash.
  •  Spend thousands $$$ on ads, and NOTHING amazing happens... because you know that traffic is the FUEL to the cash, but become disappointed when if feels like you're burning cash...
  •  Having No Influence... because whatever you sell, whatever your message is, is falling on deaf ears who can't hear you due to the lack of the Killer Instinct...
  •  Creating No Change In Your World... because you are not operating nearly CLOSE to the level you can since you lack the Killer Instinct...
  •  Desperately Trying To Discount Prices In Hopes It Makes More Sales... because if no one is buying what you're selling at this price, you hope making it cheaper will increase your sales. You then get put in a bad light because discounting never works...
  •  Seeing No Light At The End Of The Tunnel... which you know and experience every single day...
  •  Being STUCK In This State Of Constraint With NO Forward Progress... and you know that today is the day that stops!
...A Rewiring System Has Quickly Grown Into a MOVEMENT Helping Entrepreneurs All Over the World Make Their Dreams, Become A Reality!



You look at ANYONE over the course of history that achieved a high level of success, and they had the Killer Instinct naturally ingrained within them. 

It's YOUR Turn Now.
It's not your fault, you just haven't been exposed to this yet.
But The Even BIGGER Problem Is That It Gets Worse...
“The Cost of Continuing Down The Path Without The Killer Instinct Is Years of Wasted Energy, Time & Money
... Possibly Even Your Lifetime!”
Think right now, what if you DON'T change the trajectory of a One-Dimensional Starving Entrepreneur?

What could be the COST of STAYING on the path you're on now?

I'll be straight forward -- if you're reading this page, it means that you're ready to grow and expand.
  •   To ENSURE the campaigns & marketing you create product MASSIVE Results
  •   To ELIMINATE the blinding brain fog that keeps you from your creative genius...
  •   To EMPOWER yourself with near limitless energy and drive to keep going...
  •   To ANYTHING you put your mind to...
And the cost?

The Cost of not doing anything about living this limited One-Dimensional Life?

Imagine a ship at sea. 

The compass and guidance system it uses is absolutely critical to arriving at the correct destination.

And you know well as I do... if this ship calculates even a slight error in direction, the cost is 100's of MILES off course, and ends up in the completely wrong destination. 

The same applies to your life right now. 

I'm not going to pretend I know you enough to tell your exact problems... but with certainty, I'll tell you what, there are huge consequences to every path taken.

Some good, some bad, some great, some disastrous. 
  •  Watching anything you build BURN down...
  •  A path wondered, completely lost...
  •  Loved ones in your life becoming more and more disconnected, wanting the person who you USED to be...
  •  Watching your health steadily decline...
  •  And at the end of the road, being filled with guilt and wishing upon what "Could've Been" if you had taken action today...
My friend, the writing is on the wall.

It may not be bad now... but a sinking ship can start with even the tiniest leak.

And it's EVEN WORSE when you don't even know the ship has a leak.

Enough talking, let me show you what you are getting today when you take action!
What You're Gonna Get...
Killer Instinct Masterclass
• After years of my life and over $26,782 spent, I finally nailed the EXACT process of how to develop the Killer Instinct permanently...

• After studying the over 25 of the worlds greatest achievers, this is more of a science now than ever. 

• The key was in Alexander The Great. He wasn't naturally born with it, but did created the foundation of this process with Aristotle, and Alexander went down as one of the greatest and fearless leaders OF ALL TIME.


There is no faster route to reaching your dream goals than this. If it's good enough for Alexander The Great, then it's good enough for you.
($1,497 Value)
FREE: 1 Killer Instinct Vial
• The key to Alexanders Killer Instinct development was through certain recipes Aristotle used. 

• The magnificent scents in that he created were scientifically engineered to neurally rewire the Killer Instinct into Alexander JUST BY SMELLING IT...

(You'll learn exactly HOW inside of the Killer Instincts Masterclass)

• After numerous attempts, we finally replicated the EXACT recipe Alexander The Great used, and it works like an absolute charm.

• This will be the core anchored recipe that we use, the rest are major amplifiers based on different Killer Instinct elements!
($67 Value)
FREE: 1 Anti-Brain Fog Vial
• The feeling of brain fog or writers block is crippling to Entrepreneurs (not to mention a huge waste of time & effort)

• This special Killer Instinct amplifier will get you out of brain fog so you can operate as creatively as possible...

(Once again, you'll learn the exact process to do this inside the masterclass)
($67 Value)
FREE: 1 Max Productivity Vial
• Do you ever feel like you're just running in circles, or spinning your tires..?

• This Killer Instinct amplifier will make it so that you are able to get 3x the amount of work done, in half the time...
($67 Value)
FREE: 1 Energizer Bunny Vial
• Us Entrepreneurs work so hard and use up so much energy, that sometimes we are left with nothing in the tank...

• This Killer Instinct amplifier will make you turn into an energizer bunny, even when you think you've got nothing left to give...
($67 Value)
FREE: 1 Euphoric Joy Vial
• A lot of Killer Instinct Entrepreneurs start to generate tons of cash, but are often miserable and sad, making this all for nothing...

• This Killer Instinct amplifier increases your joy and makes everything better... as it should be.
($67 Value)
FREE: 1 Instant Reboot Vial
• Sometimes our minds are running so fast, that we run out of mental bandwidth making us feel hollow... (different than energy)

• The top entrepreneurs have been known to be able to flip on a dime and break past barriers of effort they didn't think possible...

• This Killer Instinct amplifier does just that, instantly.
($67 Value)
Fast Action Bonus: Key 4 Secrets
• How come some people are able to nail every target and goal they set, while most fail to even come close?

• The Key 4 System is known amongst the top entrepreneur groups, and it is how they operate inside of all their businesses, ensuring that they hit every:

• Year
• Half-Year
• Quarter Year
• Monthly
• Weekly
• AND Daily
Targets EVERY Single Time...

• Once this is inside of your business, your speed will increase exponentially and there is NO looking back...
($697 Value)
Bonus: 1 Unstoppable Drive Vial
• Have you ever woken up burnt out, not wanting to move forward that day..?

• Truth is, motivation is fake, but DRIVE is everything...

• This Killer Instinct amplifier is the secret sauce that has never been released to the public, and it will install this unstoppable drive inside of you that never burns out...
($97 Value)
Bonus: 1 Incurable Confidence Vial
• You have a big presentation or sales call coming up, and you can already feel those nerves kicking in...

• We all have faced it before. The only reason you feel that is because of a lack of confidence (aka Doubt) in yourself...

• This exclusive, never-before-released Killer Instinct amplifier will anchor this unstoppable confidence inside of you that will make you thing you can colonize the world. 
($97 Value)
Total Value: $2790
Public: $497 Now $67
"Man, I've struggled online for TOO long...

Always felt like I was "missing something" and I had no idea what it was.

Whelp, this was it and my breakthrough happened way faster than I expected!"
"I always hated trying to whiteknuckle and stare at a blank screen and cursor that would taunt me because I just couldn't think at the level I knew I had too...

I began to seriously doubt my capabilities, but after ingraining the Killer Instinct, then nothing was stopping me!"
"I've seen a lot of content, and there is NO ONE else in the industry teaching what Mason teaches, at nearly the level he teaches it at.

I am not technical, didn't have much money, and it that did not hold me back.

Now it's starting to pay off, and I'm finally able to say I can make money independently!"
The Killer Instinct Vault will help you operate like the BEST in the world.
As you can see, the Killer Instinct Vault is like a having direct flight plane ticket back in the day when everyone still traveled by horse carriage.

It's the ultimate vehicle.

So, are you excited to get your hands on this yet?!

If so, then NOW is the time to take action and get started!
Let Me Show You EVERYTHING You Get 
When You Get The Killer Instinct Vault Today!
 Instinct Anchoring Masterclass... ($1,497 Value)
  "Killer Instinct" Vial... ($67 Value)
   "Anti Brain Fog" Vial... ($67 Value)
   "Max Productivity" Vial... ($67 Value)
   "Energizer Bunny" Vial... ($67 Value)
   "Euphoric Joy" Vial... ($67 Value)
   "Instant Reboot" Vial... ($67 Value)
   Key 4 Secrets... ($697 Value)
   "Unstoppable Drive" Vial... ($97 Value)
   "Incurable Confidence" Vial... ($97 Value)
  •  If all this did was finally get you to BREAKTHROUGH the hump your on and gain massive momentum in your business/marketing... would it be worth $1,490?
  •  If all this did was make you perform like a top-level entrepreneur... would it be worth $1,490?
  •  If all this did was make it so that you were finally bringing home cash, with no more failed businesses... would it be worth $1,490?
I can't wait to see the life-changing transformation this brings to you and your business!

Remember it's not just about business, but the lives you impact, your family, YOUR Life... is all driven by the businesses you create.
From here, you’re just a few clicks away from instant access to everything you need to learn and master the skill that will allow you to jump any business to the next level...

Click on the button above to get the Killer Instinct Vault (and everything that comes with it), and we can finally get started!  

Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and watch my video. I hope it has been incredibly eye-opening and helpful for you

Mason Vranes
P.S. REMEMBER: There are two ways you can go about exploding a business...

You can either keep trying for the next 10+ years to get something kind of going...


You can take control of EVERYTHING, you make it work the next time, all while changing your families life, your life, and the impact you have on the world...

It's your choice!

P.P.S. If I, a shy, introverted kid was able to make it work the first time with a system far worse than the refined one you're getting today...
... Just imagine what you could do with this beast...

YES! I Want Beta Access To The
  •  Millionaire Breakthrough Secrets ($2,997 Value)
  •  'Craft Your FAIL-Proof Business' + 'Mastering The Killer Instinct'
  •  6 Killer Instinct Vials ($582 Value)
  •  Steroid App Vault ($997 Value)
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